A little about Aime

cropped-Screenshot_20170219-193245When we are young and we have dreams we become not hungry but obsessed with being successful. Sometimes, somewhere along your path to that success you realize that not everything is surface leveled and that sometimes personal success means struggle, knowning one self and self respect. Once we come to understand our worth and our value, we can then start to share that value with others. It’s not an easy path, I’m still learning, and that’s why I want to share my path, my story and my projects with you.

Today I have started my own blog so you can know me, my story and everything that you can learn from it.

My blogs will tell you what the life of a foreign woman looks like. You will read a true story; a story that carries tears and joy, and that will wake in you realities that were imposible to imagine before.  I’ll tell you how I was able to overcome my insecurities and fears and how I had fought and still fighting for my dreams and my goals, which keep being the same ones I’ve had since I was a teen.

My objective is to give a piece of mind and strengh to all of those who feel insecure and are also trapped between the claws of the monsters inside their head.

Welcome to my blog!


Desde que partí no soy la misma;

la misma niña, la misma mujer.

Ahora soy pasado y tu mi ayer.

Desde que me fui

me convertí en la que soñabas.

Ahora todo ha cambiado

y hasta tu que tanto he amado.

Lo que sarcasticamente no cambia

es la esencia de lo que sentimos.

Y a lo mejor es destino

y al lo mejor sólo así.

Si me ves, si ves quien soy ahora,

te enamorás de mi.

Free, prisoner.

Summer breath runs through my thick hair and splashes my soul with a cool mint breeze, and its virgin scent has caressed my face with a touch of peachy vibes.

I’m lost in the clear eye of the giant that is rocking himself to sleep under the sun, and eats before the beaches.

I’m lost in the thought of being free in the eye of a prisoner of love.

Tell me, my love.

Why between lies and fear we need to decide?
Why not face that question, which lures our love to the light of our future?

Why not sing and dream, but also fight and hope, 
and fight.
If we're bounded by love and love is iron and fire, 
is all man want but don't seem to be able to keep forever, 
or for long.

What's wrong with fighting, what's wrong with crying, 
what's wrong with hustle if we thrive together?

What is it about money that pulls people together with the strength of a bull 
but pulls them apart with the strength of a hurricane?
Tell me, my love, why does it have to be this way?