Rustling Leaves And Everything Else: A True Love Story

As I search for the true meaning of life and relationships in this millennial world; I have done the whole novel themed life. I have worked for pennies, I have had many heartbreaks, and I also met a prince..

Once Upon a Real Life Spanish Novela

 January 2015

I was living with my sister and I was just recovering from a severe blood loss due to a hormonal imbalance (see “When There is no one but Each Other” for background story). Being responsible for a teenager was not easy. Alicia has always been just like all the women in the family; stubborn, free-willed, and very brave. She was in 12 grade now and I had just graduated from high school. Okay…. I know you are confused by now but I am going to explain….

I had finished high school in Cuba but when I came to Canada I had to start from grade 10 up until grade 13, why? Because that is how the system works around these parts.

Back to the story…

I was trying applying to OSAP (a government loan for students that are residents of Ontario) but I was told I had to wait two years to be able to apply for it, since I was legally under my parents economical responsibility.

Okay, let me pause for a second…

I must admit I wish I had been under my parents care, though I wasn’t the government assumes that every family is the same and puts every student under the same stereotypical microscope.

As I was waiting for two long years I started to work at a grocery store with my sister. Working at Metro gave us some kind of independence. We were sort of able to pay for living expenses but the pay was minimum wage and I found myself working full time for $400 a month. We worked there up until the summer which was when my two years wait had come to an end. Alicia and I decided to move apart since our coexistence was no the healthiest. I moved to North Etobicoke; the neighbourhood my College was located and to which I had applied the past June for the ECE program and I was accepted. The plan was to find a room close to school in time for my freshman year starting in September. OSAP sent me a letter just before school started, saying my application had been refused due to my bad credit. K comes along.

The Heartbreak

September 2016

K was tall and very handsome. He had short curls that covered his face sometimes. He was smart and was always the leader of every social event. He had moved from British Columbia where he was born and raised. At first we became friends because neither of us had any friends in the area. We then discovered that we both enjoyed videogames and enjoyed talking about geeky stuff. I was one night on the phone with a guy I was dating and out of nowhere he said he no longer wanted to be with me. K was right across from my room and he could hear me from his room. I hang up and took a sleeping pill; I knew I was not going to be able to sleep that night on my own. That’s when K knocked on the door and asked me if I was fine. I had been crying and he was someone I trusted. We talked and it was getting late. K suggested we kept talking in his room because our roommates were sleeping. I did not think anything of it, I naively thought he was being a good friend. As we kept on talking the sleeping pill kicked in and I was rocking myself side to side when K told me that it was okay to just lay with him. I did, and we both fell asleep. After this we began a romantic relationship which ended in him telling me that he was not interested in girls that did not own a car nor had a high income. At that point I knew he was a social climber, but I had fallen in love and he knew it, I told him. He meets a girl almost a year after we meet. He starts to date her and leves me behind. After K I was so heartbroken I started to believe I was not good enough and that I had to find a better paying job and eventually buy a car to be worthy of love. F that!

September 2017

I start a new job at a restaurant as a food runner. My life had made a one hundred and eighty degree upgrade. I meet cool people and had men to choose from left and right. I was still not ready for love but opened a dating app profile in November to see if I got lucky with a good man. As I become a server at a family owned restaurant I see Gram while sweeping on my dating app. His blue eyes catch my attention and I said hi. He replied almost right away, something magical had started.

December 2017

Gram and I had been talking every day for about a week when we decided to schedule a date at an Italian infused Greek restaurant. Since this is not your typical story Gram is the one who made an entrance. He was not dressed fancy, in fact, he was wearing a hoodie with a button up shirt underneath. His hair was short pulled to the side exposing his fine features. His bright piercing blue eyes called my attention right away and he was the most respectful man I’ve ever had contact with. I had ordered wine and he ordered wine and so did him. I must reveal that Gram is a beer drinker, he had wine out of his marvelous spontaneity skills. Maybe his nerves and his pleasing personality made him decide I was going to order for the both of us… for the rest of our lives. We walked through St Clair West Village after a delicious Italian dark chocolate dessert which we shared, we walked for about an hour and then he dropped me off at work. We did not kiss. Our next date was right after Christmas, I had bought a ticket to Ottawa to see my cousins and spend the holidays with them. Once I was back we decided to go on a second date. Gram as the great bass player he is invited me to a gig and I invited my former best friend, her brother and my sister. We had a great night and on the first of January Gram and I went to another of his gigs and that’s when the first kiss took place. From that moment on we’ve been together. We’ve travelled, laughed and gone through many adventures together. We went to St John NB and he met my father and months after we went to Cuba. My mom adored him and can’t stop talking about how beautiful her grandchildren will be. Right after we came back from Cuba we got out beautiful puppy, Otis. The arrival of Otis to our lives made us realize we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, that we are a great team and most importantly of all, that we have a family that supports our love and considers us a member of each family. Meeting Gram made me realize I did not need to be rich to find love, that all I needed was someone that loves me just the way I am. Someone that takes care of me and I take care of. Someone that shares his dreams, his worries and his goals with me. That fantasizes about houses and children and includes me in that fantasy. This is my happy ending story. A story that carries heartbreaks and disappointments but it’s also a story about true love. I feel lucky and very blessed to have found someone that doesn’t call me his but a part of him.

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